Looking for Limited Transformer and Upgrade Parts?

No plan yet for me to get Transformer this year. But I can introduce one website that you can easily have some chances to find and hard to buy your favorite Transformer toys from Hong Kong online merchant. I found it last few weeks ago when I was browsing around iGear TF blog. The online store is called RobotKingdom.com.

Robotkingdom.com has been around for quite a while and also well mention in Transformer community news site. They are also the site sponsor in Seibertron.com. The reasons I recommend it because you can really find most of the Transformer stuffs there. Most importantly, for those who prefer US over Japan made Transformer version both are available for you to choose. Even the Fans Project and iGear TF custom made upgrades and accessories are available in the store. In case you had a hard time looking for it.

Since the store is based in Hong Kong. We are expecting to pay in US dollar. However, don’t get a wrong impression with the dollar issue. Firstly, their prices are quite competitive against many other online merchant in Asia and US especially the bundles are so attractive. Secondly, they accept Paypal with no extra charges and thirdly, shipping to Brunei is not that expensive.

Although there is slightly draw backs, mostly they are out of stocks and an unattractive web layout. But I can assure you that this is one of the good places to find Transformer and the upgrade parts in Asia.


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