GSC Replacement Parts Arrived. But…

More than one month of waiting is over! After receiving post card two days ago from my mail box. I was so excited to get Drossel fix yesterday. Guess what? Things weren’t turns out that well for me instead it create another nightmare after getting it from the post office.

Look at what Good Smile Company (GSC) sent to me? An envelope! I’m not really worried about the arm, but the helmet. There is no way this kind of hard envelope going to protect Drossel helmet ribbon area from being damage. It was squeeze so badly, in the end it break. Seriously, this GSC or probably the Max Factory guys never bother to think twice before packing it.
What a waste! Luckily Drossel arm were unharmed. I’m not going to send and request another one. It’s pointless thing to do after seeing such unacceptable packing  behaviour.
Replacement in progress….
Oh Yeah!
Alright, in case any of Figma collectors received bad produce figures and your online merchants doesn’t want to replace it for you. You can contact Good Smile Company customer support (support [at] goodsmile [dot] jp).


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  2. I already wrote the email address on my blog below. Seems like you didn't read it. Again it's support [at] goodsmile [dot] jp.

    However, make sure you contact your online merchant first and report them if it can be replace. If not, then write it to GSC and let them know your store you purchase does not want to replace. You must take photo of the broken parts and send to them.

  3. sorry i saw just right after i post it. Thanks a lot. It's so troublesome sometimes buying online. haih.

  4. No problem. The worst is losing the parcel.


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