Sniffing Around World Webby

Quiet as usual for me lately and the only thing I can currently do in life is sniffing around the website looking for news and at the same time spending some moment looking at the guide on how to assemble Gundam kits.

I just needed to shape up a bit on the idea how to assemble the aftermarket metal thrusters for Gundam. Luckily, manage to fund some site and modeler teaching beginner how to do that but you simply needed some require tools before you can do that.

If you are looking for aftermarket metal thrusters, you can check out HLJ under the company name call HiQ Parts. It got a lot of great stuffs to improve and gives your Gundam more great looking.

Thanks to that, I ended up getting some Gunpla (again) from Hobby Link Japan Summer (or Obon) Sales. It’s not really that expensive purchase this time. I just get those cheapest High Grade kits (2xGN-X III & 1xAEU Enact) that listed 50% discount that’s it. In the end the total shipping keeps me quite a low budget.

Let’s hope for next month it won’t come again. I mean the sales. ^^;;


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