Otaku Burns Down Mother’s Home in Gundam Revenge

I caught this news at Sankaku Complex (don’t visit if you are under 12 years old) ^^;; and totally laugh hard when I read it. As a die hard Gundam fan myself, I do understand the losses all his stuffs. But things can be talk through with your parents and let them know not to touch anything or throw it away your treasures.

A man has burnt down his home after his mother threw out his Gundam collection, lamenting “I’ve lost my precious Gundam, I may as well die.”

The man, a 29-year-old factory worker and Gundam collector in Hyogo prefecture, who needless to say lived in his mother’s house, became so distraught at the loss of his collection at the hands of his mother that felt his only recourse was fire.

He doused his room in kerosene and ignited it with a lighter, causing a conflagration which swiftly burnt the two storey wooden house to the ground.

Apparently not quite ready to die along with his Gundam, he fled the house and escaped without injury.

His mother (55), who was in the building as her son burnt it down, also escaped.

He explained what happened thus: “My precious Gundam plamo were all thrown out by my mother; I thought I’d die too.”

He has been arrested on charges of arson.


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