Twins Lost $200k Alone in Adsense

I can't really believe this after I read the full post at Rich Twin Poor Twin (source: John Chow) blog. This could probably the first worst cases I ever read from the internet. But the real question is, how the hell did they able to generate such a large income only based on Adsense alone? I am only able to generate total $2.00 starting from last year ^^; until now. I wonder what trick did they perform on their website?

"I think one of the possible reasons why we got banned for invalid clicks is because we logged into our accounts during our vacation in LA. Also it is possible that someone found our major sites and click botted for days when we were on vacation. We do not know if any of our sites were attacked or not but we have always purposely kept our personal sites like this blog low in traffic because I was scared that haters would do something like this. We have already appealed the bans but so far nothing but canned responses. There is no phone number or address or any humans there. Their forums are useless and replies just go unanswered."

Low traffic they said? I wonder how did they manage to pull such a income if the traffic is low? I never visit their website or get a chance to look at how they placed their Ad or maybe Ad word. Its very hard to understand how the twin able to do it. IF Google ban them, there should be some reason behind it. Possible invalid click? Everyone normally guess that. However, right now, nothing prove the twin had done that as Google didn't even bother to explains or response. Anyway, enough say. Just read the rest over there.


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