Finally! Another Blog Update!!!

Phew! Finally finished updating and revised my blog layout. It took me a while to think and test which layout themes may suited for me to place my publisher programs. I decided to reduced and clean up better advertisement place in my layout. I should have taken 3 columns layout as I can’t find the nice themes to take advantage with it but I think I should be better off tried not to place too much advertisement at my blog. However, one thing really sure surprised me is that my feed do have a very well rating between 25-30+ per day reading my blog for after I moved from another host last month. I would like to thank you guys for dropping by my blog just to have a look! ^^;;; hehehe…

Alright, lastly I really need to thank to Blogcrowds for providing nice layout themes for free to be used in Blogspot. For those of you looking for nice layout, feel free to drop by there!


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