Car Accident Yesterday...

I can't believed I am involved in car accident for the third time by hitting somebody (my first time)else Toyota Corolla passenger side rear. My debt is pilling up this year and now yet again extra fucking repair bill stab into my heart. Not my day and this is not the end of my bad years.

How it happen

The driver was actually in front of me when we both were in the t-junction area in KB just waiting for him to moved out from the sliding lane. After that, he moved! That's right he moved, I start accelerate the car. But I didn't expect he would suddenly just stop there a few second. N! BANG! That is where I hit direct on the side rear. Nobody are injured at the time, but their Corolla do look quite bad, as mine, doesn't look quite suspicious except broken side case, bend a bit and front light bulb burn out. :sad:

I don't even know if I had the right to blame anything on them, but I had to admitted I was the one who are wrong. Why? Nothing you could argue about (depend on the situation), you can't say that you are right because hitting somebody else car on the rear is wrong. Do take note on that young drivers! And don't rush!

But fuck! I do hate this kind of driver who do that unsure decision when trying to turn, stop and even without a freaking signal on! So everyone advice to keep some distance.

Personally or Police Involvement

I suggest to settle personally, and other party agrees. But for the old folks, they doesn't seem to be impressed by it, like they are trying to sue me to jail or something judge by their looks on me. :lol: Well, what can you do? Do it peacefully was my intention all the way.

To Workshop


Yeah, that was the most pissed off workshop I ever been when the car owner choose their workshop location of their choice. But to be honest with you all, don't be stupid (I'm one of them). DO NOT let them choose which workshop they want! You should be the one who should choose because you pay for them!

Ok, why do I hate the workshop so much. There are few words describe them, but two word is enough. Professional CHEATER! I don't know what with this ass hole as he thought that I am stupid without knowing anything about car parts or something. He is trying to convince the owner that I should buy them a new set rear right light for them which cost around for B$270+ (not yet includes the service and bumper repair)! :shock: Do you believe that sucker really go over board trying to make me pay double for the services? He pissed me real off right on the scene and started some argument with that fucker who trying to cheat my money. I was truly lucky I didn't fall into his prey as my uncle told me about how bad is this workshop reputation. I will not go as far saying this shop name. But watch out!

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