A Rabbit and a Turtle Race

If you are a computer freaks, then you might already know Coolermaster is celebrating their 15th anniversary. At the same time they are also organized a contest which can be found on their website and forums. Currently, I am participating at CM watermark contest. Probably the worst and torture contest I ever joined on the internet. I am now in the first place trying to run away from my opponent from Malaysia. He is the only one who still chasing me because I caught him surprise on last week as I throw almost all my time on it. He sure does putting me into pressure when I was in second as he doesn't give up hitting the watermark (even now). Its hard for me (as a employer) to challenge a freeman who are still on holiday (he said that in the forum) for nearly three weeks by now! I can't believed he had so much time staying at home just clicking. Winning a new CM Cosmos casing is easy but winning a CM Real Power 850 WATT PSU is another story. If he can't stop hitting for more points by chasing me and I won't give up either, because both of this items are not cheap in my country which might be around B$800.00+/- at least. Not to mention 2 month of my salary. T-T

Today is the last day for special 100 watermark (coming next two weeks). Heading off now! Sorry for late posting! My country Majesty birthday is coming on 13th and I hope there will be a holiday on Monday replacement so that more time to run away from my opponent!


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