I can't think of any name for my post today. ^^;; I was so damn getting crazy building up my scores currently running away from Netherlands. What a difficult opponent I am facing today. A clever guy who hide himself not letting us seeing him collecting the watermark. I was totally surprise he actually made this far and take down Belgium opponent only in two days! Damn that crazy bastard! >_>

The CM tech guys also asked a very good questions, "Don't you people have a life?". Yeah I am starting to asked that myself for a long time. But probably for now, NO! Until the contest end at 31st July, my damn life will never end! HA!!! Of course, I'm not just playing CM watermark only but also joins the other contest as well. It just for extra luck and kept me more entertaining while still playing the watermark game. Phew...this is a madness! Hope I can still maintain my 1st place until end! Curse the Netherlands opponent!!!


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