No More Facing Foreclosure is closing down on August 3rd. Those of you who are interested understanding more on how to avoid foreclosure should start digging more questions from him, before he switch off his website. I never had any trouble with foreclosure before as my country are well control and watch over its people becoming one instead. But I have to say it was a good place to learned about foreclosure on other country like how Casey having his hard time dealing with its current debt. Although there are many haters floating around his blog, he was able to pull so much attentions and even received money for getting rant. Incredible guy isn't it? You guys should head over there while his blog still up! Rant or support him while his blog still alive! ^^;

About Casey Serin
Casey Serin, a 24 yr old "Would-be Real Estate Mogul" from Sacramento. In flipping 8 homes, made "10 Mistakes", with $2.2 million in debt, tried to stop foreclosure, looking to pay off debt, openly share mistakes and help others avoid foreclosure. He is also featured in CNET and labeled as "The World Most Hated Blogger".


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