Job Offer from Friend. Should I Accept It?

It happen on last night. My friend who owned a computer shop are soon to expand its business to the neighboring country. Due to the lack of helper this time, as his other partner will also watch over the neighboring new business. It would be hard for him working alone in the town. That why the offer comes in if I would be interested working with them. To me right now, it was quite a hard decision to make.

I find it hard to think about these offer. Of course he do give me the current salary offer. However, its low compared to my current job but it will continue to raised in the future once the company business become even better. I'm not sure if I want to start over again with low salary because it will be my forth tried. My current financial situations doesn't look quite good for three years now. If I start switching my job this year, nobody would predict what will happen next as I am now in terrible shape now digging for money. I wear my only jean almost four months now and I still couldn't afford to get a new one myself ^^;. Ah thanks to my recent car accident and my car parts are always screaming for replacement. Even my car insurance is almost expire soon coming September and I have to fix my broken parts before any inspection conduct by the custom. I will be in deep shit if it didn't pass the inspections because that's the only vehicle my father left for me.

As for now, I should think about settling my current debt at the moment. I have to think about the job offer later until his new business running then, as nothing has yet happen on my current job position.


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