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This is the most interesting post I ever read from Xia Xue and its causing quite a lot of uproars over at Singapore. Few blogger have already response to her recent post except the one of the disgusting known as Steven Lim record himself a video complaining about her posted in the Youtube. Actually I’m not really understood what he is trying to say as long he using Singlish accent. But anyway, check out his video below. Got complained? Just visit their website instead. Here are the few responders:

Ice Angel

Well, im not going to start brainlessly criticizing her just because she doesn’t like me. That isn’t a very mature thing to do, and i wouldn't want 20,000 of her fans to come throwing durians at me....

Lao Zha Bor

My phone was flooded with smses while I'm having a recording in MediaCrop yesterday. My friends urge me to read Xiaxue's blog because she wrote something about me. Xiaxue classified me as the "Top Seven Most Disgusting Bloggers (In the Singapore blogosphere)"....

Steven Lim


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