Ultimate AT Pest Repeller (Pest-Shop 3000AT)

Never thought I would go and buy this kind of stuffs. It does making me no choice to try it when the pests always come to my room. Especially the lizards are most annoying among them making noises and shit around my window. Not to mention hey they smell bad when it die.

The lizards spray only works well for at least two to three days. After that they came back into my window again. They don’t die easily from the normal sprays and continue lay shit into my new car. I hated them so much without knowing how to deal with them anymore.

With technology continuing improving everything everyday, probably something or someone might work on some thingy could kill the pests. I discover the Pest–Shop product showcase at Soon Lee in Mumong. It was supply by Olee from Singapore so I did some research which is best for my room and inquiry how to warranty (in case any problem or faulty) issue before purchasing one.

I choose the Ultimate AT Pest Repeller (Pest-Shop 3000AT) device which cost BND$59.90 and comes with one year warranty. No one really knows how special and effective going to works on those pests. But I decided to give it a try myself no matter if it’s misleading. You got to test to see if it really works. According to the instruction, I have to wait for 10-14 days to see the results. I will update the post and let you guys know if it does really works.


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