RGM79C GM Type C Wagtail “Demonstration Unit”

FINALLY DONE!!! Phew~! Quite a challenging upgrades kit to mess with. Without my sample backup, I won’t be able to learn and experiment better way to build it. Wagtail is really a gorgeous upgrade kit and many ways to mix into crazy GM variations type.

You guys already have seen many EFSF demonstration work in the internet and hobby magazine. I decided to go a bit different. The description does say AE next generation plan were rejected. This hit my mind turning into more prototype alike since I unsuccessful pulling off the shoulder beam sword modification.

My Wagtail doesn’t really look changes not by much. But thanks to Kotobukiya making a great support option parts, helps changing into shoulder thruster styling. The shield retain original with working detachable beam sword. For the lower part, I use back the type C. The overall looks pretty awesome and giving me more idea for the next work.


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