Fansproject: CA-05 Backfiery Review

The final Fansproject Causality 2011 series, Backfiery has finally joined up with his brothers. First question that mostly going to bother the buyers and collectors. Is there any problem with the toy? Well, it’s not worse than the previous Stormbomb. But this time comes with no back screw! LOL!

The Box

The Toy

Backfiery is design based more on scouting and infiltration like which is why the only weapon he got are six throwing knife. It was very disappointed to see him doesn’t get any great combining weapons treatment like his brothers. Yes, it doesn’t fit into any of them. Not to mention there aren’t any single areas can use Thundershred arm claws and even his hands unable to hold any weapons due to the size different from Stormbomb.

Another discovery is lack of body articulation and none any 360 rotating in the design. I know many Hasbro toys do get that design. Comon, I am paying a lot for this and should at least work on a badass weapon like giving him Samurai!

Transforming into grasshopper mode is a bit complicated and need to be gently on the arms section as it can bend. Nothing seems to be out of place in grasshopper except the wings not quite articulated friendly. I can’t picture if it that is assemble error or maybe it just look like that way. I just don’t like it much.

He Got No Screw!

What the hell is happening to Fansproject QC these days? I was freak out when started doing the transformation, the body suddenly broken apart. Thinking when did I become hulk and realize afterward discovery there are no screws on the back. I have received any replacement screw from RK yet but I use the third party as a replacement and lucky it fitted perfectly tight.

Final Conclusion

So far, Backfiery is the most disappointed toy in Causality series. It just didn’t get any favor on badass weapon. I would love to see him getting samurai sword since he was design infiltration type. He doesn’t look boring, but look good also. His arms and leg are fully articulated so it can pose different way nicely. It just doesn’t convince me, making feel like he has a lot of missing features and doesn’t look balance made.

If you asked me to compared and pick which insecticon is the best. I have to admit Thundershred is the greatest design and believe worth the purchase in my collection. Stormbomb is quite in the middle and looks good. But Backfiery, he just not.


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