Gundam TR-1 Advance Hazel II Sniper Custom

Ha! My first Advance of Zeta Gunpla! The result of mix and match Hazel II Sniper Custom unit does make him so heavy type. It just too bad I don’t own any Dengeki Hrududu parts. Otherwise it going to look good compare to the current. I did find a site selling the parts in resin version. The price wasn’t pretty bright and best to forget it.

Another problem I encounter so far is the sniper beam gun (from Gaplant TR-5) can’t fit well with the hand. Not unless I decided to use the articulated hands. Solution? Ha! I simply used the sub arm unit to do the trick. It doesn’t hold well but does nicely for three days now and counting.


  1. lol tr5 sniper rifle can attach to tr1 rifle lol

  2. Huh? it was attached to tr1 rifle. unless you talk about holding it.

  3. lol sry dint notice cause of the angle lol


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