Blog Action Day 2011 – Food #BAD11

I am proud to take part in Blog Action Day Oct 16, 2011

There is so much to say and we all know for sure present is different from the past. With the increasing populations around the world, we might encounter lack of food access in the future. Climate change and nature disasters can cause destructive to the habitats and locals food producers. Even dangerous chemicals were used today to grow fruits and vegetables that can affect serious health problem.

Although I never experience hunger and poverty or conflicts over foods living in Brunei, but focusing healthy lifestyle is priority and choosing right green foods are recommended. So in this year theme, I will write recommendation some important about green foods that have healing power.

Until today, I am struggle adjusting my daily foods menu and pushing myself eating green foods. I am too much in love on fast foods and fried meats every year like any teenagers nowadays. Well, human are good at eating anything and many don’t for certain type of foods. For instance, vegetable is never my love dishes and ended up depending on vitamin tablets. Things eventually change when I reach to adult age category.

Vegetable are not personal favorites of choice because they taste bad. Until today, I am trying force eating them. It doesn’t seem helping, for some reason my stomach rejects especially like the carrot. Luckily I can handle broccoli without problem including some (I don’t know its name). Too bad I am not good at eating carrots (Source) because it can fight against various cancers like lung, skin and oral cavity cancers. So far I discover drinking them in soup does cure my eating habit. According to the studies, daily intake is recommended.

As for broccoli (Source), it is well known for most powerful weapons that can prevent cancer and helps the building of bones with rich source of all sorts of vitamins (E, A, C, K, B6). If you are not good at eating it, better change your mind now.

Yeah, I know it’s not enough if I just eat few vegetables. To keep myself more balance, I take fruits daily as much possible. Usually I take apple every day after lunch at work to keep away from doctors. Sometimes banana (Source) after back from work but it makes me fart a lot and make my stomach funny going to toilet every day. You can’t deny banana has natural remedy that can prevent number of illness.

Kiwi fruit is one of my favorite, it’s not cheap but delicious and best known suppliers good vitamin C and K. Not only that, it can prevents Asthma, wheezing and coughing, especially in children. Also protects our DNA from mutations and a healthy amount of antioxidants and vitamins. Even helps prevent colon cancer thanks to high fiber content in it. Do note that Kiwi fruit does produce allergic side effect for some people. If you are unsure it’s alright to give your kids or yourself, just visit this website for more information.

The rest are seedless grapes (I hate seeds). Lemon and soak it in drinking water since it gives nice vitamin C as well. Coconut (Source) is also recommended and hard to find fresh one in Brunei. If you can find one, drink the water every once a week. Many peoples don’t know that it can help you cleanses and stomach digestion especially hangover folks. I remember having bad fevers, vomiting and blast my feces in the toilets nonstop for two days so badly the hospital medicine couldn’t stop it. After drinking the coconut water, it actually stops the problem. Still not convince? Visit this source for better reason why you should drink it.

Alright, it’s time to end here. I hope my green foods advice might help and continue keeping your lifestyle healthy. I know many more everyday green foods recommend suggestion. But eating fruits and vegetables does have hidden dangers in many common foods. Check out this Source to find out more why.

Let’s don’t forget there are people suffering from hungers and don’t have such opportunity to eat green foods. Do spend some time visiting this website for update on foods and donations here, here and here.


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