Busy Thor

What a busy week after the lightning strike last few days ago. I have been working late dealing lots of problem with the computer hardware in my company even rushing my monthly maintenance services. So I got no time to write review for the Fansproject Backfiery which I got last week.

I’m not sure tomorrow planning working on a new Gunpla. Kinda feeling lazy and wanted to take some nap before writing new posts. But I do have to say the current hobby event displaying new Gunpla doesn’t seem to attract me much especially the Gundam Endless Walt and Age lines up.

It doesn’t mean I won’t buy them because I really in need of display shelves in my room which I previously unsuccessful getting one after pissed off by the sales lady at Court furniture KB. I probably am going to start looking for one soon and best to wait for more new upcoming HGUC release which I really hope see more HGUC Unicorn line up.

Well, I do ask you not to overlook on the 3rd party toy these days. During the Victoria’s Ultimate Hobby and Toy fair showcase many great upcoming released soon and next year. I am stunned by the prototype and the upgrades for the Transformers display over there, for one like Maketoy. Though I do have to say it’s not going to be cheap. It is going to be a great collection sooner. In case you missed the event, check out here for more.


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