RGM79C Wagtail ‘EFSF Demonstration Type’ W.I.P

The sanding and panel lining were done yesterday. Only few more parts left to go before spraying prime this week. I am right to have a straight built GM Wagtail sample (photo above) for backup. It really does help me a lot on learning during the work progress and assembling. Yeah, I busted few parts again for experiment because the beam swords storage is the most challenging to work on.

I spend almost one hour figuring out and can’t think of any way to fixed that in the shoulder unless I am planning putting pla-plate into the shoulder. I didn’t buy any superglue so better off not. So I went for the theme direction. If this is a demonstration MS, why not change it a bit more prototype like version. This way I can make it easier for myself removing the beam sword mounting and adds thrusters. First problem solved.

Now the second are much tricky, I needed to focus a new idea relocating the beam sword storage. I did make some discovery messing around. But I decided to go for the shield concept which you can see the photo for your guide. Although the shield itself already has beam sword, for me doesn’t look like it and just a dummy. Well, why not make it as beam storage?

I did increase the height of the holder which is why you can see the two half cut black pipe below. It has to be done. Otherwise it will bend and break.

The rest are just details up using all Kotobukiya option parts. I probably need to restock some of them soon. I know the backpack does look a bit weird when I add something on the side. Anyway, I will do another revise again this Sunday.


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