Perfect Effect – 01: Shadow Warrior Review

Perfect Effect (PE) is a new 3rd party (company or fan group) made Transformers weapons add-on products for City Commander (Fansproject). Shadow Warrior was the first released Target master like style version on last month and I am happy able to reserved one to have a deep look at the toy especially finding out how good the quality and details everyone is expecting to be.
According to the previous news way back in December 2009, PE is planning for four robots to be released this year with different alternate modes which they haven’t announced yet until now. No doubt that I am looking forward getting all of them.


The Toy
It contains:
  • 1x Shadow Warrior (robot)
  • 1x small pistol
  • 2x back pistols
  • 2x Gatling guns
Don’t worry, like any other third party made products. It comes with a manual sheet. Everything is drawn in graphic and easy to understand how to transform Shadow Warrior robot mode into weapon version.
Robot Mode
My first sight was entirely impressed by the 3rd party TF toy when it comes with details and quality. It was really well made and every part of the body was painted beautifully without looking like a knock off products. I can’t imagine the whole size was even smaller than my 1993 golden Bumblebee in robot mode. It’s amazing that this toy build with more than 17 movable joints on every parts of its body which allow to have many nice pose rather than having a fixed movement.
On the other side, Shadow Warrior does resemble Frenzy and Rumble quite a lot. The appearance look almost the same except him pack with more firing power and I really like how PE done to the Gatling gun. It has storage like and an option to keep its two backpack weapon inside or simply to say much like weapon power up.
Target Master Mode
Transforming Shadow Warrior to weapons is easy. The instructions were easily understandable and remember for just a minute. However, there are flaws though in this toy. Previously PE does demonstrate how Shadow Warrior can be attaching to the Nemesis City Commander. But somehow many collectors found that it was hardly possible to do so.
Since I do not have any (yet) one of the City Commander trailers, I am unable to verify myself. However, there is another way to find out the problem. Very easy, simply check if you are having any trouble attaching the pistol at the bottom of the head point. PE design the pistol also acts as a handle grip when transforming to Target Master Weapon mode and I was having a hard time putting them together. It works on the first time but it just suddenly doesn’t work well until I start applying physical strength on it hurting my own fingers. I am damn worrying so much damaging but somehow it work out in the end. Thanks to the strong PVC materials.
Now the question here is, does Perfect Effect Shadow Warrior worth for US$25.90 (RK price)? For my own opinion, yes it does. Although the price does seem to be a bit expensive, the design and the details did indeed get a good credit over the quality for the 3rd party toy. The only down side is just the issue I experience with the weapon mode. If they could fix this problem on their next line up. It will be definitely great buy for the Transformers collectors.
  • Great design and details.
  • Strong PVC plastic.
  • Mounting issue with both City Commander and pistol handle.
  • A bit expensive.


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