First look! - KO TOYS

Some of you might wonders why ‘KO’ word was often used in toys community these days. Just don’t get yourself confused, it actually just a short term refers ‘Knock Off’. Today I am going to introduce to you all. Well, you can say they are the China toys seller specializes selling imitation products (Transformers etc).

I never really think of introducing a site selling knock off toys. But it actually worth checking out because there are quite few people does collecting KO toys especially those Transformers G1 version because according to most of them, it has exactly the same quality like Hasbro. I have no idea if that is true, of course you need to get one yourself to find out that answers.

It is just surprising that 95% of Transformers toys that were selling on this shop are all imitation toys. You can find most of the popular title from Transformers G1 until Revenge of Fallen. I am really having so much fun browsing all categories seeing how many KO TF toys were being produced all these years by the China market. I have to say the Encore version does looks pretty good and very close to the original designs.

There is also a non-KO toys category. The owner appears do have personal interest collecting original toys. But he is currently clearing his shelf and selling all (new or loose toys) to make some room on his shelf so probably there are one of two might interest you.

Anyway, this is just a fun introduction and don’t really recommend any of you getting knock off toys because no one knows if these toys has been going through any material safety check or not. But it is a good resource website finding out which products might have been copy and produced selling in the market today because some of them using the same box and designs.


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