LegCo – Brunei PR Issue

I really have to thank Mr Goh King Chin speaking this loud (here and here) in LegCo session and trying to help us over the PR problem for many years now. Of course this also raise an issue among peoples in Brunei not knowing that or aware of two type of PR holder exists until now. I didn’t know either after when I found out from a Malay PR who is also local and born in Brunei. You see, even local Malay was also treated this way by not giving him full citizenship and had to go for examination. Although his PR status is better mine, I simply do not understand what are the ministers are really thinking these days and why this have to repeating every years again and again during any big meeting.

No one really knows how long does this issue have to drag on but I’m glad Mr Goh are continuing to stand for all PR peoples and bravely suggesting ideas improving Brunei tourism plans. But based from my instincts, this telling may not happen probably even after I retired from my jobs. I don’t know, The Brunei Times wrote about the ministers’ responds sound like they are not convincing at all over this PR matter and rather rude to say like, no point of bringing this up and just get over it. Whenever the ministers uses the phase “taking considerations” on this and that, it just rarely happens all these years. There are a lot of words are meant to be broken from them. This is why we see talents people living the country and pursue better future.

Well, let’s hope for a good change tomorrow for Brunei.


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