What is the Fuss over Alcohol Zone?

The more I read, the funnier stories coming from LegCo. The alcohol zone proposal does lighten up big flame over weeks now and even make it to the international blog news site like Dailychilli. I’m sure it sparks majority of the local Muslim are against heavily over this. I understand this also felt like insulting the religious and the country itself. Not only that, if this approved. Probably more incidents and violence will rise over years. Of course, we Chinese community do also concern on this matter. Not that we don’t.

Let’s start breaking this down why creating alcohol zone does help the country in the long run.

  • It helps to improve economics.
  • Hopefully allow to sell in airport (a free tax zone) for passengers during transit or traveling.
  • Helps to reduced locals (non-Muslim) and foreigners’ spending money on other neighboring countries.
  • Helps to reduced alcohol smugglers especially prevent locals involving illegally.
  • Better monitoring on local and foreign Muslim violating law consuming alcohols.
  • Governments have more controls and monitoring over the markets in alcohols zone.

Do note that this is my personal opinions and thought. There are some more I believed but I’m not a business man so that’s my limit on this field. However, what I trying to say here is that we should first starts to understand the plan then everyone can starts making decisions if this would work. If it doesn’t work, never mind. We don’t really care if the ministers going to reject or disapprove it. No one is going to be disappointed as we all know Brunei is a Muslim and we understand very well because everything will goes back the same as before.

Nonetheless, what I dislike the most are people making remarks that never came into our mind before. This felt like being accuse as bad people and make anyone think that we are trying to ruin the country or something. Let’s take the minister from the Religious Affairs today what he said to the Brudirect.com yesterday.

"Today they want this zone, later they may want clubs, then what else? Prostitution zone? Then casino zone," the minister asked.

"All these elements will bring bad name to the country," he added.

I can’t believe he make such an idiotic remarks. Do you all seriously think that we are stupid enough to intend proposing such silly plans in LegCo insulting the Muslim country? We are merely suggesting a tourism plan to help the country future economics, not destroying it.

This is why I dislike religious so much until this date. They make people hate each other. Bring forever uneasy discussions and misunderstanding. I don’t know how you people think about him. But to me, he is a disappointed minister by making such unbiased remarks.


  1. Isn't the ministry directly insult his neighboring countries especially malaysia and indonesia?

  2. even if they do allow the alcohol zone, it doesnt necessarily mean all the problems relating to alcohol before this will be resolved....its not that easy...

    Plus the minister's comment is not idiotic...

  3. --> Patrick
    i dont really recall any that he direct insults to neighboring countries. Beside Indonesian are the most religious, if he did that. Im sure the reaction from other Muslim aren't going to be happy with him.

    --> Anonymous
    if you are talking about the others and no, i am not talking about his concern about whatsoever that affect the entire religious. I am talking his remarks trying to put us as bad people making Brunei a 'bad' country. That it and his remark is idiotic.

  4. If you read the article again. It said, "the tourist can drink in their home country and they can even take bath with it". Isn't that an insult to the people who live in their neighboring county,...they are not stupid. This statement is an insult as well as idiotic...


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