Online Store Review! (Version 1.1 updated) is an online store based in Hong Kong and has been around for some time now which according to website started in year 2000. My first discover on this website was around two years ago, but I never pay attentions much or even try to shop there until I started searching for Transformers toys while Googling this year that they had in stock.

I already made my first order and cancel it in the end. This will be explains in the review and yes, something went wrong. It was a bad experience being a first time customer. I done a research about them and it appear to be many mixed response reactions about online shop from other buyers around the world. Please note that the feedbacks are both positive and negative so I am going to tell my side of the problem.

The website

If you remember my previous post about Rakuten International, than Angolz Store is no different and does have the similar marketing system. Only small numbers of their local shops are operated in Hong Kong (probably in China too) and each of them sells different products from books, Japanese toys, clothes, electronic and others lifestyle accessories. All of them listed them in one web directory and can be purchase directly. Of course, you can also choose to visit separate shops as well for your own convenient.

The design on their website doesn’t change much since discover few years ago. Although, I do have some trouble looking for some brands, luckily the search feature works pretty well and help the finding easier. The only draw backs are out of stock items are mixed together and even listed as in stock which is a serious problem.

Competitive Pricing

Yes, based from my own pricing survey. Most of the items Angolz selling have the lower prices that really can compared to others even against Japan retail shops. For example, like Bandai HGUC Jegan plastic kit are selling US$10.00 while HLJ selling for around US$15.00 so that was really a big money saver. Even some Saint Seiya fans collectors also recommend me to get there too.

The Services Are Full of Shit!

That’s the part makes me so angry about Angolz services. Their customers’ services are the planet worst and have been long well known. I can’t believe had to experience it for three weeks to just enquiry one simple order from the 1st March. The worst had to wait for their reply at least once a week. I send another reminder on the same week and the fastest response is 3-4 days later telling me its coming.

After coming third weeks, I still haven’t seen my order ready and continue showing the same processing status. Three days has become three weeks for waiting three in stock items and I was really pissed off when seeing one of the items was out of stock in their directory at the same time. Again, I send another message for enquiry and it took 3 days to receive response from a guy name Gabriel Li, telling me it’s ready to be shipped out by tomorrow morning.

Am I relieved yet? No, suddenly the next day’s one of the name Donna Wong telling me one of my items is out of stock. Everything turns upside down and had to send yet another message to ask them for confirmation about issue because the guy told me it’s ready. Again and again, no response from them for another 2 days for one simple question and continue to ignore the third days.

I had enough and demand them to refund all my money by the next day. It’s pointless to wait another 4th weeks for one orders. They did, and even stupidly enough sending email telling me all items are out of stock. What a bad liar and wonder why brother bother telling me this in the end? Probably they think I would regret canceling my order just because they are the only place selling it with good price? What a douche.

An Order Takes Longer to Ship

Another problem is the availability of those items had to wait for another extra 2-6 days (or more) before they can shipped out from their warehouse because Angolz never had any in stock items in the first place. Everything has to depend on the selected retail shops in Hong Kong for availability and this takes longer if they had to enquire others shops to fill up the pending orders.

Payment Methods

They accept both Paypal and Credit cards (Visa and Mastercard). But do note that if you are using Paypal, it will be in US dollar. Paying using credit cards will be in Hong Kong dollar. Also, beware that this is direct payments for both pre-order and normal orders.

Shipping and Packing

There are three shipping methods available. You can either used Air Mail, Air Parcel or EMS services. Please note that Air Mail does not have any tracking numbers and not registered. I do recommend using Air Parcel because the fee is reasonable and even cheaper if you placed more orders.

As for the packing, all will be using bubble wrap and put it into the cotton box before shipped out. Well, according to Angolz. No worry it was also confirm by the buyers from many countries.

Your Own Choice

This is the first and the most disappointed online store I ever shop with. Not to mention the customers’ services are the crappiest ever in my many years online experience. Angolz proof that the eBay customers are happy with them is nothing more than a setup including cover up their negative side. If you are experience eBay sellers, we all know that eBay are really strict on their policy and check every buyer’s feedback details. A few mistakes can damage their store and buyers reputations.

Nevertheless, I do not recommend anyone of you shop with Angolz Store. My reason is simple, because they are very dishonest in the business and I’m not the only person who sense that. Anyway, this is  your own decisions if you want to shop with them or not as this is just my personal experience.


  1. Thanks for your post on this. I was interested in buying from them as a retailer, but since they still havent responded a my question I sent a week ago, I started wondering about their company and service. Your review was a real eye opener... and I think I'll be looking elsewhere.


  2. Thanks for dropping by. I hope my review is helpful!


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