Online Shop Review!

After regain interest collecting Transformers toys again last year. Looking for TF shops online took me quite sometime because most of them are from either UK or US. This is a problem for us collectors living in Asia had to pay for expensive shipping. I’m not going to include Japan because buying those more than three years old products are simply too slim finding in Japanese retail online shop today.

Luckily for me, is a widely known in selling many Transformers toys and site sponsors. Finding them is very easy and most importantly the shop is located in Hong Kong.

Drive into the Kingdom

The website does look a bit outdated, but the availability stocks and new products are updated weekly. It just the problem they don’t always update their ‘Just Listed Items’ so it’s quite a bit hard to track down those out of stocks items in some of the TF categories. You won’t able to notice it unless you browse the site regularly to check it out.

There are many TF titles you can search over there, from the old to today. This even includes the 3rd party and exclusive toys from Botcon and e-Hobby so this quite a good place to start your collections. Although, I can’t promise if you can still able to find the availability stock in the shop. Not to mention the prices are quite competitive and many items I found are almost lower than any others sold in Japanese and US retails online shops.

Of course, you can find the other different toys selling in RK like Star Wars, G.I.Joe, Marcross, Gundam and other actions figures. Not as much as Transformers though, it’s worth to check it out. Better yet, tried used the search feature on the site to helps along with your search. It works pretty good and able to find many.

The Disappointed Experience

Even though you won’t be expecting any big discount coming from RK rather than waiting for the price reduce happen. What disappoint me was after pre-order PE-Shadow Warrior (which was due to released on February) and Henkei! Megatron (in stock) in the beginning of the New Year. They never reserved my Henkei! Megatron and just sold it off to someone on February.

I was totally outrageous by their action because it was suppose to be meant reserved for me, while I already done the direct payment on the first month of January so why they afraid of keeping my items? No doubt that I am very disappointed by it, they knew about it too because I did question them about this issue. They just kindly asked me to replace with other one and shipped it next few days without charging me any extra on the shipping.

To be honest, I don’t really like their customer’s services sometimes. They don’t show much respect for someone asking questions. I have no idea if they even understand what we are trying to asked or not. But they just don’t take it seriously and just show their true face like not interested serving us with just a few reply with words like ‘No’ and ‘Yes’.

Payment Methods

You can pay either using Paypal or Western Union payment. However, do note that it has to be done in direct payments for all orders and pre-ordering. Canceling orders is not possible too. But I had never tried to cancel during pre-orders so I need to ask them for more information’s.

Shipping and Packing

RK offers three different shipping methods during your check out. You can either used Registered Air Mail Parcel or Small Packet and EMS to ship out your orders. Using Registered Air Mail Parcel does seems cheaper based from my experience especially delivering to Brunei. I have no idea why Registered Small Packet is much more expensive (EMS are more) but all of them come with tracking numbers so no worry.

The packing was not bad also. It was well packed using strong boxes and plastic foam to protect your items. Better than

Conclusion is no doubt a good place buying Transformers toys. It has a competitive price against most retails store offers and even offer more 3rd party toy selections in Asia. It just too bad it’s not a perfect spot looking for discounted items.

Even there are price reduce from time to time but you just going to expecting price goes up as well. I’m not joking about this. I notice it the moment delaying my buying decision on some toys and their price suddenly went up after a few months like eBay style. Probably the reason due to the low stocks or rather the reason telling us these toys are going to be discontinued in the market anytime.


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