March 2010 Online Order

This month is surely quiet for me. I did received my orders but been so lazy to post it up. But today is a bit special because some idiot from eBay shipped out a brand new Hasbro Transformers R.I.D (1992) Space Case to me when I didn’t pay ANY single cents to him. Man, this is the funniest online thing happen in my life.

I’m not really expecting this coming when thinking that probably was my last month orders finally arrived due to delay almost coming one month now. Not sure if that was a happy things or not because no one knows how the seller would actually react by this. Well, let’s hope he didn’t make any serious complains on me in eBay because I do willing to shipped back to him or maybe not.

Anyway, in the picture above that was my Hobby Search order for TF Henkei! Megatron, Tamiya drill bits, Evergreen angle bar and Bandai MG Blue Frame decal. I was really lucky this time able to grab the brand new Henkei! Megatron off the list when I saw them restocks it. Good news (to me) also that the exchange rate for YEN has goes back to 64! for this month so I did save a little buying from Japan.


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