Software Discovery Update for May

At least for the important update for Window Vista and Office Suite 2007. I hope you guys already grab the latest service pack 2 from other download website. NGOHQ was one of them provided the download for Vista Service Pack 2. I already install and so far no problem, not to mention I find my PC running much more responsive and better. I recommend laptop users install it and you can grab it at their website. If you are using any Office 2007 version, make sure you grab the Office Suite 2007 Service Pack 2 as well. Some fix and features like saving document file as open document.

Also there is one more well know anti-virus company known as Panda Security, recently just deploy their first free anti-virus called Panda Cloud Antivirus (beta). This program is bit different which provide lighter and require all time internet to take full advantage since it doesn’t require downloading the virus definition every day. Everything is sync to the data server what they call “Collective Intelligence servers”.

I already deploy the beta version to my company old Acer Travelmate 270 laptop and it works pretty well I have to say. Well, it was originally design for Netbook users according to the news. You can download it at their official website or read their help section to understand how it works.


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