Hobby Link Japan May 2009 Order

Just order a very small numbers for this month. A Banpresto Gundam OO Nena Trinity figure and Revoltech Jun Mihara from HLJ sales section except for Mr Hobby Clear Green color bottle is just an extra for testing the clear parts for Gundam OO kit. I couldn’t find the spray paint so I decided to try out using hand mode working on the clear color. If my hand is good, I probably get another clear red color bottle to save some cash for other spray paint.

I never really thought about buying figure, but it just gave me an idea of having a Gundam character is pretty good idea putting them together showing who the pilot is. The only problem is I didn’t expect to be quite tall though. I am really somehow wishing Bandai would reconsider releasing Gundam Throne Drei in 1/100 size. I guess I will find out soon when I buy the 1/144 version. Anyway, Banpresto does seem to have a good quality figure from this price point and it’s not really disappointed either. Check the photos I taken for your sample and decide if it worth for your own collections.

As for Revoltech Jun Mihara, I decided to buy an extra safe keeping because the previous one seems to be a bit dirty when I play around with it. Well it is really cute and adorable taking photos together with other products (first on Acer Aspire 4935). Expect more soon!


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