Room Cleaning for May

It just a matter of time when it will goes back to the old messy room. ^^;; I spend a good time cleaning the room yesterday and tried to dump some of the useless stuffs away. The most unbelievable things I encounter were those toy collections, PC games and video I put inside my clothes cupboard were dusty. I was like damn, how the hell did it happening.

My first job is moved all the toys to the large plastic storage box I brought   on Friday. It was almost full but I was happy that it was able to store my current numbers of toy collections I brought until now.

It’s time also to packs my Eva 01, Keroro and Giroro Fix Figuration back to the original box. They have been out from the box for two to three years now for display and I was surprise the Fix figuration display stands starting to turn yellow.

I wonder what to do with the plush dolls? Arggg…never mind, I going to get another large plastic storage box next time.

Messing around with my Gundam OO plastic kit. Everything is ready to assemble but it just the spray paint problem. I spend too much on pre-order.

Doing some trading figures arrangement in my display cupboard and also decide to get rid some of the lousy unpainted Gundam for storing my PC games instead.

I also spending sometimes taking out my old Japanese anime and drama (including some HK movie) collections for disc inspections. No matter if it’s original or not, once your disc is not properly put into a seal plastic, it will start getting dirty. Not sure what that call but I am planning to watch Hero again if I had time. I missed the Hero 2007 movie two years ago and it almost done, 3.8% left.

I really like the disc plastic pouch I brought for my GTO (HK version) anime many moons ago. I have been looking for the same one but still no luck. This plastic pouch is hard and well protecting the disc conditions.

Anyway, planning another plastic storage box for my tv and movies collection too. I doesn’t like when putting into the plastic bag.

Lastly, checking my anime box and packing few of my old Final Fantasy VIII PC games to a plastic cover for further protection before putting back to my cloth cupboard. Throwing away the useless toy from Emperor of Dune and also checking out my first Taiwan RPG game. Good anime but lousy game play, I think I brought it for cheap $15.00 at Yayasan department store. I don’t even know why I brought it.


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