My Next June is Mission

Man, can’t believe June is just few more days to arrive. It will be a good month for me because my pre-order is going soon to send out. But I am much more concern unable to control myself planning over spending for next month because the god damn Hobby Link Japan second discount wave is coming on the 1st day!   I told myself that this is my next opportunity to hoot something from it especially when it comes to Master Grade kits. I’m not going to overlook on this one and going to blow my pocket for sure.

To counter this issue, I decided to take any side jobs as much as I can to cover for July and make sure my bank have enough to cover my monthly expenses. I already received some and hopefully this will help a bit to cover my fuel and foods. I don’t even know why I am torturing myself like that, but I really do find it worth my life and enjoy this suffering collecting my favorite toys. Muahaha…

I also going to get rid my Mastercard to avoid any necessary yearly charges. Not sure which items I am planning to get from my current reward points because most of them require higher points. Damn, the previous HSBC staff provides me with two different cards, causes me so inconvenient and uneasy to manage my paying. Anyway, going to do it next week once I settle the remaining outstanding and claim my reward.


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