Enable Removable Device Scan in AVG Free

I didn’t even spot this good feature in AVG Free version after I mess with the advance setting today. This is really good for extra protecting and prevents infections from any removable media and USB flash drive. If any of you using AVG Free version 8.5, it is recommended to enable this feature and it’s rarely to find such free anti-virus would bundle include this feature in the basic protection program. Yes, there are a lot of USB free protection program out there. Many of them I tested the free version that don’t really work that good and fail to capture some of the old Trojans. AVG was a well known anti-virus company so I’m sure catching the popular virus and Trojans running free version is still worth to trust.

Also, what if you are having just a 512MB memory ram install on your desktop PC or laptop. You might consider enable it without require other 3rd party USB programs to manage the scanning and hog up your PC resource. Another good thing about this AVG Free allowed you to control how you want the scanning method on the removable device. You can either manual remove the infected file once it detect or automatically heal/remove the infections during scanning. The scanning process priority can also adjust at your own need especially those who own an Apple iPod might encounter some problem.

To enable this feature, simply open up the AVG control panel, search the option in tab and look for advance setting. Now, look for the “scans: and click to drop down the list. There you will find the extra “Removable device scan” option (picture below). Cheers!



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