Gundam RX-78 Repair

I decided to do some repair and modification on my Master Grade Gundam RX-78 20th anniversary (coating version) plastic kits. So many broken parts and the coating color are getting bad for so many years. So far it was half way done on the spray painting, parts replacement and some modifications. It should be done by next Sunday, I guess.
IMG_3124 (480x640)The only problem left is the broken thruster. I’m not sure how to fix it because it using some kind of clip on the backend. I think I might need to use some plastic plate and mod the thruster.


  1. Mind show me the picture of the broker thruster... maybe can give some idea (maybe)... anyway I also have some extra of that thing, but not sure if can fit into 78.


  2. Thanks john, will show you the picture this weekend if i cant fix it.


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