Do You Really Need Undo Card for PC?

I have been working on some school lately and found that they wasted much money for a bunch of useless R&D Undo Card. For your information, the Undo Card automatically restore or repair back to the previous original state for the PC whenever there are changes to the files by the students. I can’t think of the reason why you really need this. I know students are smarter and always wanted to enter to any website these days or mess up the PC. But this Card doesn’t show you any bright reason for helping you in saving for maintenance and long term guarantee support when your Window are fully expose to any attack without updating. 

I don’t know how the previous technicians setup the PC. After looking at it, everything is so messed up and expose to higher risk of infection when it’s not maintain by the well-trained teacher. Not to mention everything is totally outdated because it revert backs after you restart the system. The funny thing is, the PC is infected with virus and this undo card can’t do a single damn thing about it after undo the whole Window automatically. The infection Trojans and Virus these days are smart enough to change anything. Do you really think that the simple restore hardware card could protect the PC from such threat? From what I see it just likely having the same built in recovery feature in Window.

If you happen to be a computer teachers, principle or communities sponsoring the schools thinking about buying new PC or upgrade. Don’t bother listening to PC supplier suggestion having an Undo card install. There are many ways to keep the PC running in good conditions. There is much free software and Windows allowed you to take control over the account so the student won’t mess with it. Strict rules can be applied to the student like noting down their names on which PC does the student currently using. Undo card only helps you in short period of time if they are no maintenances set for every PC install. Unless you have skill trained teachers looking after it every day and months then that is different story. If you do not, don’t bother looking at this stuff.


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