Hero Movie 2007

It was damned when I discovered that I missed Hero movie last two years, not to mention the worst part about it is I never knew it release before. Fuck! I really have to read more Asia celebrities news a lot these days. All is not lost as I was lucky enough to read the news last month about Takuya Kimura and Lee Byung-Hun are working together on a new movie. This is where I learned about the Hero 2007 movie. It also took me a while to find the old movie back and watch it next day.

It still never fails to impress me, it was good and the movie was at least two hours long. But some of the character I have not seen before because they have appeared in a special TV episode for Hero and I totally missed out the story there. Since this movie is about after five years Kuryu Kohei was transferred to Shinigaki Island. I think I am going to search special episode again. Man, it makes me wanted to take out my Hero TV drama and watch again.


After six years away, D.A. Kuryu Kohei (Kimura Takuya) returns to his former Tokyo Johei office, just in time for a brewing storm. Kohei's first case starts out simple enough. The suspect, a blonde-haired security guard, had already confessed to manslaughter, but he suddenly retracts his confession and takes things to court with big-shot defense attorney Gamo (Matsumoto Koshiro). It turns out that the security guard is a key alibi witness in a high-profile political corruption case, and the results of his case will directly affect the next. With the media, politicians, and a special investigative team breathing down his back, Kohei must handle the case with care (and flair) to find out the truth.

Visit the official English site for trailer.


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