Singapore Day 2 –Total Spend at PC Show 2008

I already wrote about the PC Show in my last post. Here is the photo showing the items I brought from the event. You may as well question why this photo only showing very few items. This is because I have almost over spend my budget total $600.00! Not to mention it just only second day in Singapore I already pouring down so much. Let’s check the items purchase price over there below.



  • Seagate 160GB FreeAgent Go! Portable with exclusive Gaskin at Harvey Norman Booth = S$119.00 (UP S$149.00)
  • Corsair XMS2DHX 4GB DDR2 800 Memory Ram Kit (2x2GB) at Corbell Technology booth = S$145.00
  • Shiro VT 2GB Built-in Black Media Player (Review soon) with free Shiro SP102 Multimedia Travel Speaker at Shiro (Carrefour) booth = S$139.00 (UP $229.00)
  • Kingston SDHC Memory Card 4GB (Class 6) at Kingston (AAAsCom Solution Pte Ltd) Booth = S$32.00
  • Iriver Volcano T7 USB 1GB MP3 Player at LE-MON Booth = S$69.00
  • A.C.Ryan 2x AluBox eSATA and 1x eSATA with PCMCIA Card 2.5” Portable Case including 1x ProCables USB2.0 Cable - A Male / Mini5P Male 1.8m Cable at A.C.Ryan booth = S$87.00
  • Total Spend = S$591.00

That’s was quite a crazy amount. Actually it should have been lower in the first place if I knew I am getting an iPod NANO birthday present from my sister-in-law. I wouldn’t have brought Shiro media player. Hai~~ Well, going to tried to sell it at Brudirect website (will be posted).


Anyone interested can call me 673-8767308. I am selling it same price I brought from Singapore and including Kingston Micro SD card 2G at S$16.00 used for Shiro Media Player. Of course proof of receipt will handle to you for Shiro one year warranty.


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