Singapore Day 2 – PC Show 2008

I have to thank the Singaporean guys informing me about the event at VR-Zone forum. The event started on the first day of June 12th (until 15th) in Suntec City, which is the same day celebrating my Birthday. I got an Apple iPod Nano 8GB present from my sister-in-law. I can’t really believe I am going to own MP3 player for myself.


The trip from Simei to Suntec City took me at least 20 minutes to reach there. You will need to take the MRT to City Hall first about 10 minutes. Once you arrived there, you have to walk from the underground to Suntec City over there for another 10 minutes to reach there. It was quite a long walk. No worry, there are TONS of shops, cafes and restaurant on the underground. It just the matter of time how long you are going to spend there. Trouble really hit me that day. It was not a really a good idea bringing family and children to the PC Show. I can see my mom and sister-in-law so exhausted as they have to watch over my nephew. They keep on insist want to follow me even they are not interested on computers and gadgets stuffs. It was very quite painful unable to enjoy the event long.



After arriving there, you are probably going to expect lots of flyers going to be handed to you once enter to Suntec. The flyers I get almost like buying a car magazine and I was having quite a lot of hard time checking out the promotions. I did not think for second because I can see at least hundreds of people going in and out from the building very second grabbing and pulling their computer gadgets out from the PC Show. I thought I was in heaven of computer world.


Shopping Tips:

If you intend to go on Saturday and Sunday, you have to prepared yourself and expect huge holiday crowds. However the good thing is you can get a last minute better and lower promotions items last day of the PC Show. (Next PC Show 2009 will start from 11th to 14th June next year)


Before you go over there, make sure you check for more information about the preview promotions from the website first like or VR-Zone forum.


Also once you received the flyers, check immediately which items you are going to plan to grab. Buying directly from the distributors also one of the best choice because you can get a very good purchase and free items from them.


Planning your budgets is very important and used cash instead of using credit cards. But my advice to you, try not to over spend. ^^;;


The most interesting news I also learned last week that the PC Show 2008, were able to attract to a close record number of 1.12 million visitors and generating $51.7 million in sales end on Sunday. You can Read more there. I was one of the million visitors over there and I was excited experience such a great events. I don’t even know what to buy at all. I was so confused and stunt by the entire promotion price over there. You can’t even get those crazy prices in Brunei at all, not even once forever. I said before in my previous post, Bitex is completely nothing comparing to PC Show and not to mentions 90% of those item are quality brand. 10% of those items are unknown China brand selling over there, which are same as our local PC shop currently selling it. I did not ask the warranty actually covers over there. But I’m not stupid enough getting those there. I would rather pour down my money on the proper quality brand and gets the official warranty instead.


Actually I was first at lost at 4th floor until I found out that I should gone to 6th floor instead. Anyway, I grab some photos when I was there. Check out the photos at my Google Picasa Album or the small 400x size slide show below.



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