Flying Off Tomorrow!

Before flying off from Brunei. I decided to update my post a little with some interesting stories I found on the website. I will be gone for one week and hope this will keep everyone company for a while especially the new visitors. finally a 8 years worth waiting for going vacation. ^^;;;


If you guys do go to Singapore for vacation this month, there is some pretty interesting fair going on in Suntec City. They will be holding PC Show 2008 coming on 12th (My BD!) until 15th June. Of course I will be damn being there. You can check out the latest preview offer shows up over there.


Another latest story about the Alien video capture in 2003 was not yet release to the public and news, who claims was REAL by Jeff Peckman. You can read the story over at You can also find another related UFO story actually filmed by the Mexican. Not entirely a UFO, but it shows an unidentified flying object going straight to the mountain. I don’t know if it was manmade. It is however damn looking real. Imagine if you suddenly saw this shit flying in front of you, I’m sure you will record it down with your hand phone or run away immediately


Here in my home. If you missed out my previous post today, you probably might want to check it out again, especially Malaysian. Everyone should check it out and help them shared their unity love music video to everyone in the world. The official website also offering music and MTV video download available for everyone FREE. Click here direct to the download section.


Not enough? Okay. How about visiting Weird Asia News? I think probably most of you might hear this blog. They are very popular in bringing the best of weird, strange, funny, odd, and just plain crazy news and stories from the lands of the Far East. This is where I got the chance watching the folks visiting North Korea. In case you missed my previous post about The Vice Guide to North Korean. I'm really confident that many of you want to know how the place is actually like over there. Damn good time to check it out.


I also know that not many of you are gamers. I decided to talk about Warhammer 40K today. I am fan of 40K when I first played the RTS games released by Relic. This time they are bringing Dawn of War 2 next year. You can read the interview and story at IGN. I am looking forward getting my hand on it. Hopefully my new PC should be ready. ^^


Want to get a free anti-virus? I’m not talking about AVG or Avast here. I mean one year free Kaspersky Internet Security and can be installed up to three PC or laptop. Check out Raymond.CC website on how to applied, while it still available hot! No worry, there is contest going on his blog and he will be giving 30 free license to his subscriber. Visit his website for further instructions.


Alright, that's all! Be back on next Wednesday!!! WEEEEEEEEEeeee....


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