Flying Soon and My First Comic Character Reveal

Yup, tomorrow is my last day and still I haven’t prepared my clothes to wear over there. I am so nervous. I wonder is it because of eight years stuck in Brunei for too long. ^^;;; Anyway, I have to be honestly saying that getting Singapore notes in Kuala Belait is so damn hard. If you don’t need it, it always pops up in your hand. Almost everyone wanted to trade it off and afraid you can’t used in the supermarket if the note torn a little. The banks don’t keep them or even putting up for exchange if someone needs it, even the Singapore bank known as UOB doesn’t have any single Singapore notes, interesting. Luckily, my friends were good enough to help me find and kept the notes for me. They saved my day.


Got my credit card also register in HSBC before I travel and I still looking for small locker for my travel bag. Argg… I think I focus more on the PC accessories and checking out the price list. Hehehe… I should be alright controlling my budget over there. >_>;;;


Ok, let’s put that aside for now, until I get back. My comic first character was actually half finished few days ago and I am still trying to improve it. But in the end, it leads me to nowhere and decided to roll out animal’s version. That’s right, animals. I proceed to my next characters which I plan to intro next time, especially the naughtiest one. I roughly had the look of the characters in mind, it just the problem how it going to turn out in my own hands in Photoshop. This is pretty hard.


Alright, for now, the first character name is….Okay, I got no name for him yet. However, he is a little phoenix and first sample design. I am going to do some shape up on him again.




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