I’m Back from Spore!

I got back yesterday from Singapore. It was quite a hell a trip walking all day, non-stop shopping! Of course, I ain’t broke yet, at least. Not everything there was cheap especially the toys and some imported Japanese magazines. Mostly those discounted items are only selected and label with colors. I have to refrain so much spending my money on those stuffs. The only things I won’t hold back are purchasing PC hardware and accessories over at the PC Show 2008 on second days. The shitty happen is I couldn’t stop myself not buying and kept thinking about saving money in my pocket for another shopping spree.


PC Shows 2008 is a Heaven for me

That was my first greatest moment enjoying my time shopping over there. I never experience those crazy sells and seeing those people putting so much effort and time organize such great shows I ever seen. Not to mention their selling prices are so low and definitely must buy on my list. Bitex in Brunei is just nothing if you want to compare. I was lucky traveling to Singapore at the right time. But since I travel with my mom and sister, one day is NOT enough for me. My sister is fucking annoying pulling me away from the PC Show. If I travel alone over there, I would definitely spend at least one day continue walking around non-stop and carefully check out the promotions.


I actually missed out a lot of great products. It was quite a waste I have to say. Traveling with family is not recommended if you are geeks. Hey, I am telling the truth here. Who really want its parent spoiled their fun? One more thing, everything is branded products and you get those warranties between one to 5 years. Do you know that memory ram or memory card are life time warranty in Singapore? HA! That’s why I never spend my money supporting the local shops selling you six month or one year warranty only. Some of them even lie to you that there is no warranty for Sony memory card In Brunei. How do you suppose to support the local markets if every shop follows such rules? Of course all happy buyers would rather spend online and travel to other places to buy it. Do you think Life time warranty for memory is useless? I beg the different.


MRT is the best saving transportation fee

Everybody say Singapore is a small country. But you still need transportation to travel around. Taking taxi is not always a good idea. When I first travel to Singapore back in year 2000, my mom and aunt would take taxi to go shopping and waste huge spending just for the fee. No one actually teach us how to used MRT back then. Now, my mom is using MRT everyday visiting many places as she stay in Singapore with my brother taking care of my nephew. I also learn how to use the MRT and study the route after I get there. The only problems are the place you visit, like Sim Lim Square. Luckily, you can look for the maps in every nearby MRT stations to find the locations easily.


Shopping is everywhere

Orchard road is not the only place for shopping. I went to many places using MRT and almost any location you stop by. You will find some large department store or plaza around there. For example like in Simei. There is an East Point fill with almost all your needs you might find over there. My advice, tried not to spend all at one places, especially in Orchard Road. There are many small shops might offer best discount price you will able to grab.


Singapore Great Sales is crazy

The discount prices are totally insane and you can see those branded clothes shelling off as low as $5.00 each to clear their old stocks. I think the worst one is Puma shops putting up 80% discount at Tampaines Mall ground floor. Many aunties and teenagers queue up buying bags, shirts and sport shoes. I wanted to get the shoes and the bag, but I’m not stupid waiting in lines for more than 20 minutes reaching the counter just for the shoes. I’m totally out from there.


I have to admit, not everything there was cheap. I never would think Gundam collections and the Japanese Gundam Magazines are so expensive over there. I have given up on it and order it online instead. Well Zoids are quite cheap and I got one for myself. Nice!



Bunch of mei mei (girls). What? This is what men normally do, watching them and hand off them. HA! Damn, can’t believe so many pretty young girls over there. The most amaze me is, there are so many mainland Chinese working in Singapore. I was totally surprise after I hear them talking to customers. Many of them come there to studies and many of them work there. Of course, most of them are married to Singaporean like my brother.


I also can’t believe Playstation Portable (PSP) is quite a hit over them. You can see almost everyone carry with them everywhere, including the ladies! I don’t see much NDS around, I’m sure there are many people owing one for themselves. I already quit playing PSP, my only target are the PC and toys. ^^;;;


Anyway, I’m going to post up some photos and some popular place I visit in Singapore this few days.


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