Singapore Day 2 – Before PC Show 2008

My first day waking up in Singapore doesn’t seem to refreshing for me. I can feel the heat at starting 7AM morning. The weather there is quite worst compare in Brunei. You can’t really feel the wind coming. I couldn’t really sleep that time and so my mom decided bring us walk around in Simei.


Honestly, I don’t really understand the place either. My mom told us that we are going too walked at least seven minute to Tampines market to have breakfast over there. My mind stop for few second and question myself, weren’t we suppose already in Simei? Strange, so we continue to walk across the sky bridge to the parks on the other side. At the same time, I took some nice photos.


It says you get fine for S$1k if you ride on Sky Bridge.



Hmmm….seems like he doesn’t care at all.







The park is really nice over there. If you happen to do morning exercise over there, you will find some nice fitness equipments over there and can be used it for free.



Love the place build.



That building is called Tampines Changkat Community Club. You can see it when you walk to the market place. Never been had a dared chance going inside before. ^^;;; I thought I can played basketball. LOL



Morning dogs training. The dogs behave rather well and follow their master instructions.



There! Tampines market place. The breakfast is cheap over there and I pay as low as S$1.30 for the foods and the drinks should be around $1.00. But the foods are very salty. According to the cooks over there, the customers love salty foods. O_O That was surprising.



After finished our breakfast, we head back home and prepared heading to PC show. Of course, we didn’t just head over there. We instead go to East Point to stock up our own mobile phone number from M1. In case, everyone got lost with each other’s while shopping. I really have to say the calling rate is damn cheap.



Then we go to the ground floor to get some lunch at Hanis Café’s and Bakery.



Nice chicken chops with potatoes and soup. Nice!



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