New Plan for June’08

Simply can’t believe it already June yesterday. Next week, I will travel to Singapore to celebrate my second trip and upcoming personal special day. ^^ Somehow, I have to save as much as I can for now and tried to settle my previous month credit card debt. Damn, I could hold myself buying Deviant Art plushie doll. >_>;; Well, as long the US dollar exchange is still good at the moment, you simply can’t refuse getting it. The DeviantWEAR t-shirt is very beautiful also and I going to get some once I’m back from vacation.


Ok, back to my new plan I am going to talk about. I was once addict learning how to do designs and art create from 3DS MAX. Right now, I’m going back on track and reviewing my previous work and see if any improvement can be remade. There is still a lot of learning I need take as I have stopped using Photoshop quite a while except doing my photos. I also plan on creating my own comic based on my daily life, real life experience and happening. Not sure how I going to draw myself and other lead characters. But I hope I can solve that sooner, as I already had in mind right now. All my worked will all goes to DA and some to my social networks. Hope everything turns out good and another plan is on the way. Yes, making my own t-shirt design that nobody owned it and can’t find in the market. I always wanted to do this very long time. Maybe ‘lazy’ was the main issue on my life.


My posting have been slow lately. Not really sure why, probably I on to diet and exercise making me feel sleepy so early. Only games can make me awake.


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