Singapore Day 1 – Flying off

Sorry about my late post. I couldn’t really feel good after coming back from Singapore and missed so much the enjoyment lifestyle over there. Anyway, let’s talk about my first day. I have to say not a really my first good experience ride to the airport. My mom friend is really a dangerous driver and I feel like almost losing my life multiple times on the road in one hour first time. I do respect her good heart bringing us to the airport. But I wish no more for next time as I told my mom in the plane.



Nothing changes much looking at the Brunei airport. Feeling always quite disappointed seeing a boring same old place for more than 20 years. Although it was mentioning that new airport was plan for next few years. I really hope it will be a high looking class airport before I turn over 30. Well, as far I know, they will only start measuring the land next year.



Okay, I have to say I feel so weird and nervous. Eight years without taking any flight was a mistake all my life. Blame myself for such a money spender and poor. If I remember correctly, my ticket cost around B$290.00 during promotions before the fuel rise. It was a close call and taking my flight with Singapore airline was the best choice. Even I get an economy sits, you still got the chance watching movies and TV shows at your own seat at SQ182 (I forget the number). I don’t think RBA has such offer (Correct me if I am wrong). The seating space was small I have to admit.


It took at least one hour and forty – five minute flight from Brunei to Singapore, Changi airport. My sister-in-law and her sister were already waiting outside. I have to say it was my first time getting to know sister-in-law sister over there. It was a bit hard communicating with each as both our Chinese languages is totally quite different. Even my nephew won’t understand us if we don’t correct our Chinese.



We headed directly to MRT station taking the route to Simei. I was so excited. Really, because I never take a train before IN MY LIFE! Can’t believe eh? Well, I have to thank to my friend borrow me the ezlink prepaid card. I can’t believe it was so reliable and can be used on any transportation (not taxi) in Singapore without worrying. Of course, you have to make sure you top up the credit inside. The trip from Changi airport to Simei was about less than 10 minutes and headed straight to my brother apartment to rest.



It was really unlucky for the first day as the new elevator was not yet ready at the time. The old can only take us to third floor and we have to carry it to fifth floor ourselves from stair. -_-;;; My mom travel bag is so heavy! After reaching there, preparing all the bed and get ourselves some rest before we headed out at 6PM. I have to say it was hot over there, which is worst than Brunei.



Once take off from home, we straight went to MRT station nearby East Point plaza, very close I have to say. We take our first trip to Tampines and shop over there, since it was Singapore great sales already started. Girls go for clothes, bags and bodyshop. For me, I go toys shop. ^^;;; I was really looking forward getting transformer and LEGO Exoforce. However, it seems like I was wrong and gave up in the end. I can’t believe no discounts were actually happen over there. My advice for you is, get your LEGO collection in Brunei as there are no price different at all. I only get a LEGO car for my cousin. I also check out the computer outlets over at Tampines plaza. You can find the Court and epicenter (selling Apple Mac) at third floor I think.


Shopping tips in Singapore: If you plan to buy any iPod or Mac laptop over there. You have to make sure to ask the Tax Free GST receipt from them or simply get discount directly from the GST tax and make sure you have your Passport with you to show them, just in case they don’t believe you.

A MUST for everyone, epiCenter was popular telling lie to its customers their receipt do not need any Tax Free GST receipt to claim your money at the airport. This was confirm by the Singapore customs and told us that many customers fell into their hand. My advice is to be very careful what you buy over there if you want to claim the GST before you going back. I know carrying your passport with you is not safe. But according to the customs, this is the best solutions to claim your GST money.

More information on Tax Free, visit for more information or you can check out the shopping tips at



After that, my sister-in-law brings us to the world top best restaurants known as Din Tai Fung for dinner. Damn, the food is so good and I could not forget the dumpling. The interesting part about this restaurant is they won’t accept any reservations. You have to wait in line for your turn. Also you can see them wearing an ear phone and also PDA devices were used for noting down the pending foods and new orders for the cooks. What a high tech restaurant.



Luckily, there were not much people waiting before six. I think we order quite a lot and ended up more than $200.00+. Yikes! O_O;;; No complained about the money we spend as long the foods is great. It was full house all the time over there after we finished. Sorry I didn’t take a good picture from there. The food is my first top priority.



It was surprising to see many of the employees and people are from the mainland. It’s like more than Indonesian and Indian working there. I’m not really sure how many were there. As far I know most of them studies in Singapore with the support from the family (some) working there to support their education according to my brother. Of course, some of them are married to Singaporean. Its normal these days, blame the local girls over there want six credits from men’s. HAHAHA!!! Did I mention you can see lots of mei mei over there too? Oh yeah, they are sexy and hang around there playing arcade games till the plaza close. You see, how enjoy their life everyday over there? It just matters of question how you are going to survive and afford spending over there. Foods and drink are not cheap. Not to mention our money is one to one at Singapore. Shit.


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