Young Lady Insult The Whole Sichuan Earthquake Victims


The young China lady in the video blog at Youtube has become a hit around the world just for only two days. Millions view and still counting with many different kind of curse on her. I was really surprised when I watch the video. In case many of you who doesn’t know Mandarin, she was actually insulted the whole Sichuan earthquake victims in China. The interesting part she says in her video that the old lady bury in the ground should just die instead of struggle to live and calling for help. I was really shock and laugh watching her freedom speech. This indeed causes outrageous to a lot of viewers.


According to the source in China, she was arrested at the same time after the video published on the internet and ‘protect’ her from being getting kill from the public. Not sure what’s kind of punishment will be giving from the court. But from my point of view, killing her is just a useless thing to do. Not to mention do you really need to dirty your own hands and record background? No matter what how childish for what she had said on the video, it just she own personal opinions.


Don’t get me wrong, I am Chinese too. The only things I can do here is hoping and wish the best to all the soldiers doing their best saving the people bury in the ground. Taking the words seriously from a young girl on the video blog is just a waste of time.


I see lots of users posting video blog about the disappointment, nonsense about discipline or even why she doesn’t feel shame about her action. Why should you care? You can’t even do anything instead of just sitting in front of your PC recording yourself spreading the words to everyone bad about her. If she wants to become like whore or bitch, it’s her problem. Maybe she just a lonely person who are trying to create attentions and outrageous the people around the world to grab some spot light. Who knows she already prepare the worst before doing the recording of herself insulting the Sichuan people. Nobody knows what it’s on her mind and maybe she want to create her own stupid history. Anything can happen. You just have to accept such kind of peoples exist in this world. Sooner or later, you will forget about her story.


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