Bitch Is Always A Bitch!

It was another total disaster month for me. I simply couldn't believe this would happen again and again. I was taking lots of heat argument with my step mother about the water pump yesterday. She is so stupid, idiotic or trying to set both with my sister up without letting us know she send the water pump for repair and simply stick the bill into our face. Just like that. No bothering informs us or anything regarding the repair and what happen. I was so mad seeing these water pumps we brought with no warranty haven't lasted for even more than one year and we are paying another hundred dollars repair for it again.


My mom who never went to school is cleverer and carefully checks the price and consult with anyone before making decision. These bitch that went to schools are dumber than I thought. I don’t even know what she learned from there back then and we already warned her last year if she does that again. We will not going to pay any single cents. That’s it.


I did ask her to call the guy to come over to CHECK the problem with the water pump. However, I never said I want it to REPAIR straight away and she already knew. The only answer I can hear from her is "I dunno". She never wants to learn and understands that our income is just enough to manage cover up every month for the house. She continues to spend the money like papers buying unnecessary stuffs and wasting all the electric and waters. She was fucking lucky that the house my father left over were given everything to her from us. No struggle for family money, simply nothing. My big brother got nothing. Sister and I only one 90' Toyota wagon for worked. Until now that bitch simply want so more from us.


Another funny thing that bitch making me heat up completely is telling me that she cannot survive without a water pump. She said without the machine, there won’t be any water. Do you really believe that kind of theory and answers? This bitch never suffers from being poor before if i believe. Now, even if there is no machine pumping it, we still continue to get water, right? Water pump machine it just making the water much stronger and faster. Of course, it also makes sense that it cost you more in the bill as it kept pumping. But this bitch making the way round and trying to slap into my face. What she didn't realize is that she has been using the water for months without any machine pumping the water. And so my question to her is, how do you manage to get the water in the past month then?


I decided no more playing game with her and last warning has already been given. There won’t be any more financial support from us if not informing us anything about repairs or replacement. Every penny we tried to save is ruined by the bitch. Saving is hard nowadays and spending 8 years in Brunei without travelling is also the hardest thing in my life. Next month I’m going to Singapore visiting my brother and nephew. Right now, my mood and saving is currently spoiled by that bitch. She is becoming dangerous threat to us, now.


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