Don't Be Too Fussy In Choice Of Jobs. Overcome Yourself!

Well, I am one of them who happen to be a lower qualification until high school, fail form 5 'O' level, and couldn't even finished technical college PND because of some quarrel with the Pakistan (fucker) math teacher and got cheated about free education back then. Anyway, everything it just a past and I am happy earning hard cash buying Gundam, PC games and travelling instead of wasting time on this education I can't even reach. Everyone get older very fast, why bother wasting time if you had a chance to enjoy?


I do understand everyone want to have a better life and drive a nice looking sport car around in Brunei. That’s why many youth would start first trying to apply work at oil and gas industry or offshore. Of course, Government jobs are also one of the main highlighted targets by the youth. I was once asked by my Malay friend if I would be interested working in the hospital as office boy. But I turn it down later because I wanted to learn about IT related stuffs and looking for it almost four months after unemployment on my previous crazy jobs I worked for almost two years. I know government job is stable and might lead me to better life which is what my mom always hopes for.


What drives the youth so fussy about their choice of jobs is not just only about lower qualifications fault. I'm sure if you looked closely and understand the situation we are looking until now. Even higher qualifications are much fussier than the lower one. Don't you agree? I’m not telling lie and bullshit about it. Of course this have to be got to do with the person and not referring ANYONE are like that. However, still there are such persons in this world.

I met many of this kind of person these days and even my own classmate who even have so much question bothering asking about my salary and if my working area is good or not. This is the worst friend I ever talked too. Luckily I haven't seen him since he last worked in the restaurant in Seria. I don’t even know if I should laugh at him, but I did remember asking not to call me again because I fed up on the silly questions mention above.


There is also one unbelievable thing that doesn’t happen much in Brunei. Can you imagine that people who are studies in UK and come back end up selling Nasi Lemak? I don't even believe it either seeing myself. That was the most fuck up children’s I am disappointed with, wasting so much money from the parents and just to end up like that? Well, nothing can be done to bring it back the time that guy wasted.


To me, no matter whom they were or even friends. It depend on own thought and required to train by themselves to overcome this kind of employment issues and the fussy personality. Anyone got to do it themselves without required to relying their own parents to get you the jobs. My mom always does that and she was pretty mad when I rejected the entire offer. ^^;

My reasons are simple. I wanted to lead my own life and future myself. That’s it.


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