Horns Fuckers

I have been experience getting lots of horns from the drivers starting this year. I really had no ideas what the fuck is wrong with them. I don’t drive fast because my car is just a 90 ‘ Toyota wagon and I always have been careful with my surrounding after I caught myself into accident due to my careless mistake last year, which is quite pissed me off losing so much money on repair. I don’t want to let it happen again. But this year, I was getting horns so much from the drivers apparently no reason behind it. It seems like these fuckers love to distract me or trying to get me into road accident or something.


Today I got another horn again while I was driving out from the Soon Lee T-junction which is quite dangerous getting distracted by it. My patience gone and I don’t like to look for trouble, but it makes me no choice to stop my car looking for the culprits who horns at me. I thought it might be the kid’s horn at me because he thought I might take over his parking slot. So I give him a sign asking if he horn at me. He says no to me and pointing to another person who do it. I just couldn’t find that person and started looking for the fuckers who doing it. Still in the end I couldn’t find whom the responsible chicken culprits at Soon Lee, Mumong. I’m not mighty or going to look for fight. But I really wanted to question the fuckers what the hell with the horn about who don’t respect other safety. I simply getting so tired having this kind of problem and I have to tell myself that I’m not the person they are trying to horn.


I don’t know how about you guys in other countries. In Brunei, I myself will know if I am the wrong or not. I always follow the rules at any possible for my own road safety. To be honest, I do have to admit that we, many of us drivers in Brunei are very respectful on others on the road, even many Malaysian do says. But many local drivers are simply impatience, yes, very impatience and love violence speeding going to end up putting themselves into graveyards. Although there wasn’t many road bullies happen much in Brunei, but people still don’t cared or respect others safety which I experience this year. I won’t put too much hope for the police to take this kind of action. All I wish is respects and safety for the local people who are driving in the road. That’s it.


Fuck the drivers who horn at me and hope they end up dead on the road. Cheers!


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