Cell Phone Users Should Beware Using QQ Morange - Update!

It comes to my attention that the QQ Morange is the culprit behind all this credit deduction from my cell phone every month. And so, thanks to the DST care center find out the accurate information from there. However, I will continue to monitor my past problem and also disappointed over the DST KB DID NOT follow up my issue.

It was a bad experience letting the QQ Morange taking away my B$8.00 credit every month. After doing some research and learning how the Morange business works. I am now convinced and able to understand why I was so easily letting myself fall into their traps. I have to admit that they able to come up with such a clever ideas making money. To me, it was just a dirty business tricks after all and I don’t believe they would admit mistake they have done until now.


Confused and misleading customers

Yes, I find it confused with their service and I do not know they have been charging me for so many months. You can say I am stupid not reading FAQ or terms and conditions. But this is their business strategy to lured users like me who are not careful to earn money. They say you can try it for QQ Morange 30 days free trial full service. Yes, it was for first 30 days. However, after that, you will automatically charge every month if you don’t cancel it.


Now my argument here is that, QQ Station DO NOT had the rights in the first place to charge the user automatically after the free trial. Why? Even they roll out the terms and conditions. I still believe they do not have the rights to charge you automatically. Free trials is always free trials. You used it after 30 days and there should be unusable in the first place.


Not a single message landed on numbers

They fail by NOT sending any SMS text or email to inform their customers if they wanted to continue or not using their Morange service. Not to mention they fail by NOT informing the users there will be charges if they did not cancel their accounts soon. I haven’t received any notice from them ever since.


If I received this message in the first place, I wouldn’t have to let my B$8.00 credit get stolen every month. According to their website FAQ, there is a bill transaction sent to your SMS. That’s mean if you did not receive. You going to continue to get charge without letting you know. DST system fault? I don’t think so. They must be something wrong with QQ system and I believe dirty billing will take place no matter what. How? Very simple, just turn off the outgoing SMS text messaging on some users they randomly choose. That’s the easiest way to get more money out from any dumb people like me fall into their traps. Imagine there are hundreds of them like me. How much will they earn per month for free? Let say 100 dumb people who don’t read FAQ x B$8.00 = $800.00 free income.


Beware when using Morange

I don't know how many of you did not aware of this or how many people are actually affected by not receiving the billing message. But B$8.00 dollar per month is not the money you can find in one day. If you feel like your money is gone. Your very first suspect culprit will be QQ Morange. This is my mistake did not look through and checks properly over the FAQ. However, I still have the right to filed a complain on QQ Company because they fail to send a text notice that they were charging you B$8.00 from your credit every month, no matter what mistake you commit for not canceling the account. I can prove it if DST could track down the message that QQ never sent to me before on their system.

I already made a call and no refund back credit I was told. I only asked them to cancel my account and giving them a warning. If I still get charge next month, I will file this complained to the police. I don’t give a damn. I already double check my account and it seems like it was already cancel. I will see.

How much did I lost over past few month? B$64.00 if I am correct. FUCK! Three months worth recharge card. Thank you for your dirty services QQ Morange and you guys remember to cancel your account before you get charge without knowing it! Careful!


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