DST is Stealing My Easi Phone Credit, I Can Grantee It - Update

Update: Culprit has been found. My stolen B$7.00 credit is actually from QQ Morange services. I will still continue to investigate the past credit loss problem.


I was piss off the other day over the stupid bitch and now, I finally caught the DST Group is stealing my credit. I more pissed off by it and at least my B$7.00 of my phone credit stolen after I made only ONE call to my sister. The message landed suspiciously and I already confident that proving DST are STEALING credit from me. I monitor closely many times ever since this kind of issue and I thought it must be my phone problem. But it’s not, after I change to third phone and I still experience the same problem. The previous issue mostly when my credit almost hit reach to an end between around B$2.00-$3.00. After I hit a call to any person or missed call, my credit will straight cut until B$0.40 or even to B$0.20 cent. Today was the serious one losing B$7.00 and left only me B$0.60. I don’t used 3rd party software and I don’t used it for internet except using WiFi including different virus scan found nothing in my card. What is wrong here?


I was nearby the DST centre, in Kuala Belait, and having lunch with my mom and sister and decided to go over there to complain straight away. I am truly disappointed over the counter that was not helpful, and I have to talk to the short guy wearing glasses, he is a supervisor I heard. Disappointed I had to say. He seems to be no idea what kind of problem I am having and gave me a stupid conclusion that my phone is using 3G internet that lose my B$7.00 which the record showing in my phone. So now, the funny part is here that my phone is not an activate 3G phone. HOW THE HELL AM I SUPPOSE to GO ONLINE???? I did, however, insert another 3G phone SIM card yesterday while I am testing the 3G broadband (review soon). He said that my Easi SIM was affected together with it. I am starting to laugh at that guy because he doesn’t seem to use his own common sense. Why? Simple, 3G SIM card and Easi SIM card (prepaid card) is using a different numbers. Can you tell me how can they both affected?


Worst, he asked me to talk to another DST staff again. Luckily this one is much more helpful than the other two and decided to help me to submit the report for me about the problem. That little guy were somewhat pissing me off while the staff who tried to talk to him about me credit issue. The little guy seem to be trying drop my complained and more like asking me to moved one with it while looking at his face. I almost wanted scold him and asked him if he want to continue to solve my credit problem or not. If he doesn’t want to, simple, I can just switch to B-Mobile phone. If he thinks losing one customer is not a problem.


For now, I will have to wait for Technician call next Monday to solve the credit issue. If doesn’t worked out and no refund back for my credit. Then my only choice will be B-mobile as I do not want to continue get my credit steals by the DST.


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