Preparing Buy Lists from Singapore

I have been quite busy checking out the Singapore map in Google Earth and any June events going o happen there during my trip over there for one week. I think I hit a jackpot on the Singapore grand sales over there and also my favorite PC fair is going to be held at Suntec City!!! WOOT!!! Damn, my lucky month as my second vacation to Singapore after 8 years I haven’t step out of the countries.


Saving money is quite hard during these month and I have to stop pre-order my favorite Gundam from for few months or until next year. My buy lists are all PC hardware if you asked. ^^;; I already decided completely build a new gaming system soon. That’s why I need to stock up some good hardware over at PC fair. Many local might think why don’t you simply get in Brunei rather than in Singapore? I will answer that.


I’m not buying every single part from Singapore. That will be different story if I am living there or friends could help me warranty without worrying anything. I have carefully selected some of buy lists and shouldn’t be any problem at all while I was staying in my brother house for one week. Such example is getting original cheap Window Vista Home Premium OEM and also getting gaming memory ram kits over there too. As for the accessories, I have to be there before I know what to get. Let’s see what offers and bundle you might be expecting over there.


Unlike here in Brunei, almost 80% of the stuffs we buy with unknown brand that are made in China. Not to mention three to six month warranty makes you worried more. In Singapore, you get the choice of different brand, prices and quality with great warranty. This is the probably reason why I haven’t upgrade my gaming PC for at least five years cycle.


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