eSpeed Suck Deeper as DST and Bmobile Launched Faster Speed

Everyone knows eSpeed is going to suck deeper and deeper after both DST and Bmobile launched their own home broadband services this year. DST is the last company who just started 1st of this month with their own offering GO! Broadband service. I do not have any opportunity to try out the internet in KB branch as the staffs turn it off. However, they will offer amazing 7.2 mbps using Ericsson technology. I’m sure their rival, Bmobile, will soon follow and roll out the same speed.

After looking at both competitors, especially the broadband services special offering which bundle with free laptop that comes with three years plus contract. I can say that the DST is doing better than its rival when it comes with free laptop choices like Apple, Dell and ACER. Lots of people, who totally fed up with Telbru eSpeed broadband, are applying it for the plans and getting free laptop. I’m not going for the free laptop though, since I’m not a person travel a lot. Of course same goes to the Go! Broadband service. The reason is simple. The place I lived does not have a good coverage signal and even if I applied it, I will not going to get a full 7.2 mbps speed. A fixed line is better choice, for now. You are lucky bastard, TelBru!

Telbru is still keeping its profile low, and continue to promote their free 3 in1 wireless modem (good deal) at BSB. Not sure if the KB branch doing the same thing, but they should if you are looking at the current rivals promoting its own home broadband services. I do also receive some rumors that, Telbru MIGHT gives us a free upgrade to 1 mbps later this year. Just rumors only. However, even if it’s true or not, are you going to continue using espeed? I had but no choice because of the coverage signal and I can’t migrate to other services. Not to mention I am a heavy downloader using torrent too. I will continue to monitor the latest 3.5G broadband services and its customer’s services. Let’s hope for latest good news coming from Telbru. Fingercross! XD


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